Fast, Fresh, Flavour - The Perfect Dinner Mix

The more we learn about health and nutrition the more we realise that unprocessed choices are better for our health and the health of our families. But we’re all so busy these days that the lure of a jar of sauce mix to throw on meat and vegetables can be pretty tempting at times. There is such a wide range of choices, it’s fast and easy and it’s generally economical. But is it healthy?

The answer to that is ‘not really’. Generally these sauces are filled with preservatives, artificial flavours and colours, high in salt, fat and sugar. Finding one that isn’t can be tricky, and reading all those labels can stretch a quick stop at the supermarket into a long research trip. There is an alternative option however, that is unprocessed but still fast, easy and economical and most importantly – healthy and very tasty.

This new middle ground is the option to purchase spice mixes or dinner packs that take away the onerous task of hunting down a myriad of spices and ingredients. Simply follow the instructions, add your choice of meat, fish, poultry and vegetables and dinner is done. Someone else has done all the hard work for you. You know it’s healthy because you can see each individual ingredient.

There are a few home delivery options that cater to this way of doing things, but if you are anything like me, you prefer to keep at least the illusion of creativity and choice in your cooking. I haven’t tried the home delivery options because I don’t want to commit to a week’s worth of food with someone else’s recipes. What I prefer instead is the option to purchase a dinner pack or two to keep on hand for busy nights.

You can pick up spice mixes from the supermarket, at good deli’s and sometimes at farmer’s markets or through specialist online suppliers. They are an ideal addition to your pantry because you can purchase as many or as few as I you like and they are there when you need them. The dinner pack range from Simply Stirred includes spice mixes from all over the globe. If you fancy Asian, they’ve got you covered – or perhaps a bit of Eastern European food is more your preference, or Greek, Indian or Moroccan. I’m working my way through the entire range and my family is loving it!

Using these spice mixes as the basis for my meals means that I simply choose what kind of meat I’m going to use, add the spice mixes and vegetables and we’re done. The result is healthy, unprocessed and authentic in flavour in a way that I would not be able to achieve if I were to mix the spices myself. All the hard work has been done for me. We sometimes add one of the cous cous or rice packs that Simply Stirred offer as well, for a complete meal with a special occasion feel to it.

The best thing about the products from Simply Stirred though is the fact that they contain no artificial anything, some of them are even gluten free and I know that what I’m feeding to my family is healthy and full of flavour. It’s convenient because I can order them online and fantastic for those busy nights that occur all too frequently.

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